Our Projects

(DIET), Database Infrastructure Evaluation Tool

Hitachi Data Systems 

Database Infrastructure Evaluation Tool (DIET) provides a comprehensive and detailed overview of the client's databases platform's IO profile, highlights the top bottlenecks in their environment, provides recommendations for resolving the issues, and compares against similar domains. 

Backup Environment Analytics for Architecting Solutions Technology (BEAST), Hitachi Data Systems 

Hitachi Protection Platform (HPP) is a tool for Symantec NetBackup that was developed to provide users with the ability to quickly process a customized report using critical pieces of data from a customer environment, which will serve to enlighten the customer about their NetBackup operation as well as identify areas where new technologies can help address key pain points and inefficiencies in the environment. 


Rain-computing tool is a specific tool that supports attorneys in managing their clients and chatting with them; it also has the feasibility to create and manage cases & documents that the attorney is handling an in-and-out application to deal with all the attorney-related activities under one roof. 


Handled performance testing for a proactive marketplace, a Magento e-commerce application that transmits its inventory to eBay & Amazon. The performance test is handled using locust along with Python scripts. Kibana is used as a visualization tool. Nearly 3000 concurrent users on the application can perform a specific number of functions within a limited time. Locust is installed in the AWS environment, and the data is monitored. 

Patient talk back   

Make it convenient for patients to give you feedback while at the hospital when facing a problem. They must scan a QR code, and an "App" appears on their mobile device. They can provide positive or negative feedback on many topics, including food, room environment, staff, etc. Users can choose to report items of interest or dissatisfaction in various categories. Hospitals can also administer the survey on a Tablet while or after rendering the service. 

Unite. Care  

UNITE EHR / EMR system has created a platform where doctors and the medical staff can streamline and configure every step. It helps not only in higher proficiency but also in building trust between the patients and the doctors. Allowing patients to explain their perspectives in their language will create a unique patient review experience. By providing an easy-to-use, secure, and confidential platform, patients will provide valuable information about the quality of care and services within the hospital or Care Facility.