UI and UX design

We design your product from top to bottom and make sure it will skyrocket your product’s usability, efficiency, and success and, most importantly, addresses your users’ needs. At Imaginary Cloud, we believe the process of designing a product should be user-centered integrating an innovative and practical approach that considers the users' goals, the business requirements, and a top-quality technical side. 

We have developed a multidisciplinary approach - the Product Design Process - that unites product owners, designers, developers, and managers. It focuses on exceptional UX and interaction design, keeping costs and benefits balanced, avoiding wasting resources, and betting on a rapid market launch. 

Get a Project Plan

Know the detailed steps, needed resources, expected costs, and delivery time to build a functional and valuable product.

Create an Engaging User experience

Follow the necessary steps (from research and ideation to development) to ensure a well-grounded and intuitive user experience.

Reduce time and costs by up to 50%

Our Product Design Process allows you to plan realistic schedules and avoid redesigning costs.

Increase Profitability

Grow revenue and business value with a well-thought-out user experience that increases conversions.

Web Design

Desktop Design

Mobile App Design